Conversations in Seattle

I'm in Seattle to visit Daniele and Sue. I hadn't met Daniele for... about 8 years! I landed last night (Friday) and we had a great start eating risotto funghi e zafferano and apple tartar for dinner.

This morning we woke up (relatively early) and ran 5 miles around a lake in their neighborhood. Then breakfast, trip to farmer's market to buy fish and vegetables for dinner, quick ride to Capitol Hill (where they lived until a month ago) and lunch at home.

While Daniele is doing home-made tagliatelle and Pandora Radio plays Ray LaMontagne, I find the compelling need to report a short -and hilarious- conversation I had with Sue:

A: "Thank you for introducing me to the world of Pandora Radio!"

S: "You see the advantages of being my friend? Now you can move to Seattle, then we find you a girl and you settle down. The only risk with Seattle is that there are many granola girls"

A: "What's a granola girl?"

S: "You know, they are crunchy, they don't shave their legs, their idea of dressing up is wearing their Patagonia fleece and they wear hiking boots to go shopping"

A: "Mmhh... I'm not sure... I'm not sure I like Seattle anymore..."
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