Conclusions (or extreme homesickness...)

I came to the conclusion that eating extremely spicy food, and saying that it can be considered "normal food", is just an example of cultural relativism. Some things are wrong. Period. (*)

I want to eat melanzane alla parmigiana. I dream of my mother’s lasagne. Literally. At night I happen to dream of my mother’s lasagne.

I want to have an omelette that is not either hyper-salted or mouth-burning spiced.

I want to enter a bar, raise a finger and say "cappuccino e brioche, per favore" and get a real cappuccino. And a real croissant.

I want to eat a steak that has not been turned green and yellow by the shovels of spices that the cook threw on it.

I want to make it up with my digestive system. We lived in peace for so many years... why do I have the feeling at we are at war now?

(*) The first line was a provocation rather than my real belief. I understand that appreciating some tastes and flavors is a matter of habits and of how the culinary culture of a Country evolved throughout the centuries.

In this context, the problem is that I am not used to Indian food, basically because I have been raised according to different culinary principles.

Which one is better? It is absolutely subjective.

Which one do I prefer? Needless to say... I'm sure you got this one :-)
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